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YOUTH WINNER: “Guests” by Aldo Isaac Tiscareño Rodríguez

English title: Guests

Original title: Huéspedes

Director: Aldo Isaac Tiscareño Rodríguez

University: Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO),

Guadalajara, México


José ”Pepe” Bayardo feels that his essence, his identity, is, to a great extent, the footprints of those who have touched his heart in his life. This middle-aged man longs to break the ways of living in the world; he longs to break the world, and this same longing will lead him to discover the way to start doing it: by breaking himself. The monsters he battles are the monsters that have formed him. But he has something different in mind to defeat them: he will not be the example for others in battle, he will invite others to defeat them along with him. On his journey, Pepe discovers that hope is found in the inhospitable, and that he can become a hospitable home for others and also share his findings about the world, ways of living, freedom and love.

 Crew members and actors:

Crew: Daniel Gallegos Pardo, Paula Fernanda Pedrero Hernández, Carlo Hernández Taylor, Ana Luisa Reyes, Aldo Isaac Tiscareño Rodríguez

Non-actors: José Bayardo Pérez Arce

José ”Pepe” Bayardo

Pedro Preciado

Mariana Nuño


Mireya Alcalá


Misael Martín

Alan Leonel Navarro


Bernardo Vázquez

Daniel Martín

Daniela Villanueva

Maria Fernanda González

María Palomeque

Daniela Rivero