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SPIRITUALITY WINNER: “Light in Manuel” by Beatriz Garrido Bellón

English title: Light in Manuel

Original title: La luz de Manuel

Director: Beatriz Garrido Bellón

University: Universidad Loyola Andalucía, Sevilla 


Manuel is a boy from a humble family who was born and lives in one of the poorest neighborhoods of the city of Cordoba.  Since he was a child, he has been participating in all the projects of Puerta Verde.

Don Miguel, the priest of his parish, the people who build up the association and the activities that have been carried out, have guided, and have made this young man see life in a different way.

The film is a summary of how Puerta Verde has helped Manuel to be close to God, to trust and to learn how to serve Him.

Thanks to his effort and perseverance he has managed to excel in all aspects, graduating is not easy in this type of environment and this young man will soon begin his degree in Psychology.

Now it is his turn to help his family, so that others can have a fuller life and achieve what Manuel has already achieved.

Crew members and actors:

Productora: Beatriz Garrido Bellón

Guion: Alejandro Campos España

Cámaras:  Alejandro Campos España, Iván Guerrero López, Pedro Crespo Ávila

Montaje: Alejandro Campos España, Iván Guerrero López