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English title: Solvere

Original title: Solvere

Director: Carolina Jiménez Avalos

University: Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente, Guadalajara, Mexico


Solvere is a 5-minute short where the story begins with a memory of Samantha from her childhood where she is with her father and sister playing in the park to return to her reality where she is lying on the ground and blind, Samantha gets up awkwardly to take out her hatred and frustration on herself, hurting herself , Sara, her younger sister, listening to how her sister suffers, tries to help her with her external and internal wounds. Sara tries to bring Samantha closer to forgiveness through God, although she rejects him because of the grudge she has for her father, showing a flash back. of the accident. Showing in the story the search for salvation through forgiveness through the guidance of Sara.

Crew members and actors:

Starring by Vania Muñoz, Andrea

Rodríguez, Allen Treviño, Isabella

Sánchez, Sara Castañeda; Sound

composed by Alejandro Roa;

Edited by Ricardo Flores, Direction

of photography by Luis Arteaga;

producer and assistant director:

María Jose Cisneros; editing

assistant, Allen Treviño. Staff:

Gonzalo Reverte, Claudia