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English title: Savior

Original title: Savior

Director: Michael Orosz-Fagen

University: Saint Louis University, Saint Louis, USA


2000 years ago Jesus of Nazareth walked this earth and His body was hung broken on this Earth. The early Church found that revolutionary and so should we. Savior is a film that bridges the gap between beauty and brokenness, between comfort and vulnerable love. In poverty, Jesus gave His love to us. In humility, He gave His love to us. With stunning shots of the Sacramental life of the Church, Savior shows that the faith is alive in us despite our brokenness. Through this examen of imagery, we are lead to contemplate how our brokenness might be transformed next to Christ’s own brokenness 

Crew members and actors:

John Guerra- Server

Fr. David Paternostro SJ- Priest

Fr. Matthew Baugh SJ- Priest

Fr. John Peck SJ-Priest

Fr. Thomas Sserwadda-Priest

Emily Kolb- Violinist

Sr. Sue Kim- Teacher