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English title: “Love is Above” (Music Video)

Original title: “Love is Above” (Music Video)

Director: Dimas Oliveira, S.J

University: FAJE (Faculdade Jesuita de Filosofia e Teologia), Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Since professing his First Vows at his Jesuit alma mater in Miami, FL (USA) in 2015 to being missioned to Santa Luzia, MG (Brazil) in 2021, Mike Martinez SJ’s Hip-Hop ministry has helped to promote Ignatian spirituality and accompany youth from all walks of life. The “Love is Above” music video, directed by Brazilian Jesuit Dimas Oliveira, SJ brings together a Jesuit’s love for Hip-Hop and Brazilian youth from the “Fé e Alegria” school network to provide an inspiring message for the world today: the love of God (symbolized by the vertical index finger) and the love of neighbor (the horizontal thumb) must come together to live the truly radical LOVE of the Gospel. “Love is above every other rule in the club.”


Crew members and actors:

Director, Producer and Editor: Dimas Oliveira, SJ

Students “Fé e alegria” school: Davi dos Santos, Ian Gomes, Ingrid da Silva, Kelvyn de Moura, Lara dos Santos, Lucas Mesquita, Maryllin Santos, Mateus dos Santos

Educators “Fé e alegria”: Edimilia Santos, Simone Zansavio

Coordinator “Fé e alegria” Centro Social Palmital (Santa Luzia, MG): Cleunice Mota

Co-Director: Mike Martínez, SJ

Rapper and Lyricist: Mike Martínez, SJ

Producer, Vocal, Sound and Mixing Engineer: Oliver Kid

Beat Producer: Dylan R. Ochsner, Taylor King

Edited Graphics “Love” Photography: Amin Hasani, Bicanski, Nick Fewings, Thiébaud Faix, Wallsdontlie.