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English title: Lost Memories

Original title: El Tiempo Olvidado

Director: Aitor Cordero Garcia

University: Universidad de Deusto, Bilbao, Spain


Esther is a young adult in her 20s that has to take care of her grandmother, Rosario. Rosario suffers from a severe cognitive impairment, thus needs help for everyday activities, and it has fallen on Esther to be the companion of her grandmother.

This short film shows us the feeling Esther has that she is missing her fun years, because she has to do all these chores instead of having a normal young adulthood. She constantly has to fight the urge to send her grandmother away and let others take care of her.

The goal of this film is to show respect for those people who invest a lot of time to take care of their familiars in need, to show regard to the sacrifice and underappreciated effort these people make, because they do this for familiar love. 

Crew members and actors:

Actors: Lucia Losada , Emma Martinez

Crew Members: Ainhoa Sainz-Ezquerra, Aitor Cordero, Alazne Parra, Antonio Andrade, Diego de la Torre, Iker Deusto, Jorge Gutierrez, Melanie Otto.