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English title: House of Mud

Original title: Casita de Barro

Director: Rodolfo Azomoza Pastor

University: Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla, Puebla, México 


In this short documentary we follow the multiple projects that Manuel Palma and Inna Vanooteghem have founded and currently run. And the ones that have yet to come. We explore the migration of farmers and people that live in rural areas of México that were reasons why they decided to move to the Mexican countryside and leaving a comfortable life in the United States.

We take a look into their lives, that surround themselves with hard and constant work. But that have really helped them in building a relationship with their neighbors and have stablish them as people that really want to help in whatever shape or form, they are allowed to.

In this documentary we see two extraordinary persons work for the wellbeing of others and that are really making a change.

Crew members and actors:

Rodolfo Azomoza Pastor – Director, editor

Antonio Pérez Contreras – Director, editor

Ian Flores Méndez – Editing and sound mixing

Gabriela Furlong Nava – Photography and production

Natali López Hoyos – Production