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GRAND PRIX: “Dreaming in a Destroyed Country” by Ziad Tannouri

English title: Dreaming in a Destroyed Country

Original title: Dreaming in a Destroyed Country

Director: Ziad Tannouri

University: Saint Joseph University, Beirut – Lebanon


The educational sector in Lebanon, which was once one of its most valuable assets, has been threatened by many factors: the international pandemic, the second biggest explosion in the history of humankind, the severely damaging economic crisis, the harsh downfall of the national currency and the biggest immigration wave in the history of Lebanon. Sister Caroline El Rai, director of a Sacred Hearts School in Bauchrieh, is facing a very difficult challenge today. How can she still lead a broken generation to have faith in a better tomorrow and dream of promising career paths in a destroyed country that does not offer them their basic needs?

Crew members and actors:

Main character: Sister Caroline El Rai

Director, producer, cinematographer, art director, sound designer, editor, colorist: Ziad Tannouri