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EXCLUDED WINNER: “Angels of the night” by Ana Beatriz Mota Acioli

English title: Angels of the night

Original title: Anjos da noite

Director: Ana Beatriz Mota Acioli

University: Universidade Católica de Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil


The documentary shows a group of volunteers called “Anjos da Noite”, making daily donations for homeless people. It is a sad and cruel reality, on the steps of the Santa Cecilia church, in the Boa Vista district, in Recife – Brasil.

Those who come there every day can count on the presence of these “angels”, night after night.  The volunteers come with food, love, and care – more than good intentions.

The video tells the story of Conceição Rodrigues, the founder of the “Anjos da Noite”, and of three more street people who agreed to talk about their life. It shows how important the presence of the “angels” is for these excluded people and how spiritually fulfilling is to help them. “Anjos da Noite” started its work in 2015, bringing every night 40 liters of soup and 50 pieces of bread. They go on, practicing their evangelical presence to the excluded.

Crew members and actors:

Ana Beatriz Acioli, Caio Santana, Fabiana Cavalcanti, Francisco Coutinho, Gabriela Milet, João Borges, Rute Silva, Victor Resende,  Conceição Rodrigues, Reginaldo, Jajá ,  Rafael de Souza, Ricardo Victor, Filipe Falcão, Thelma Guerra, André Araújo, Antonio Moraes, Lucas Becker