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English title: Encounter

Original title: Encuentro

Director: Daniela Sánchez Rivera

University: ITESO, Instituto tecnológico y de estudios superiores de occidente, Guadalajara, México


Tomás is a young man who, after losing a loved one, sees fractured his relationship with God due to several failed attempts to find emotional stability through the divine, so he decides to undertake a lonely journey to the desert looking for answers, that will take him to that desired peace. Where despite the complications and moments of doubt, his path manages to lead him (through the Ignatian method) to make peace with the divine. In this way he manages to understand that things are not always as he thinks and he just has to have faith and trust.

Crew members and actors:


Iván Gutiérrez Navarro




Daniela Sánchez

Roberto Martínez

Monserat Virgen

Sahad Vargas

Ana Martínez

Ian Parres

Alejandro Roa

Victor Iglesias

Ana Celia Hernández

Jorge “Joggy” Aguirre

Diego Velasco