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ECOLOGY WINNER: “The book smuggler poet” by João Borges Mesquita Guimarães Santos

English title: The book smuggler poet

Original title: O poeta traficante de livros

Director: João Borges Mesquita Guimarães Santos

University: Universidade Católica de Pernambuco, Recife Brazil


Dreaming about the improvement of a better way of life, the big real estate companies, in a association with the City Hall of Recife, promises a new and fair way of living in the city. But, this dinamic is thought by the backs of the mangrove, and in front of the sea, excluding the other ways of live, memories and needs of a whole population.  Therefore the big urban buildings like the Riomar Shopping, finished in 2015, has your front and back being ended without further popular consultation or surveys that indicates the direct impact on the daily life of the residents, that were not only taken away from their homes, and also making your source of income threatened, given that the marjority of the dirtiness produced by the mall is expelled in the sea, polluting the waters and making hard the fishing activities. The control and leveling of the city, in that way, not ignoring the existence of certain social groups, with their history and yearnings, but also the attempt of kicking them out of the urbanistic landscape.

Crew members and actors:

Ana Beatriz Acioli, Caio Santana, Fabiana Cavalcanti, Francisco Coutinho, Gabriela Milet, João Borges, Rute Silva, Victor Resende, José Ricardo Gomes Ferraz (Kcal, the poet), João Maria, Filipe Falcão, Thelma Guerra, André Araújo, Felix Santos, Lucas Becker