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A small action [SPECIAL SELECTION]

English title: A Small Action

Original title: Una Pequeña Acción

Director: Juan Pablo Olvera

University: IBERO Puebla, Puebla Mexico


Ximena Minutti is a brilliant animation student at IBERO Puebla, she also works as a volunteer at an association where she can help street dogs. She is a real hero of the community because she makes sure the feeders are full of dog food all the time, she takes care of the dogs, takes them to the vet, all of this using her own money, but most importantly she finds them a new home to live in with a family that will love them. In this film Ximena shares the love she has for the dogs and the passion she has for this project; the difficulties and adversities she faces, she also encourages us to help the dogs because even a small action can make a huge difference.






Crew members and actors:

Producer: David Valencia

Writer: Juan Pablo Olvera

Director: Juan Pablo Olvera

Editor: Juan Pablo Olvera

Animations: Juan Pablo Olvera

Lights: Fernando Romero

Sound: Fernando Romero

Starring: Ximena Minutti