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A good deed does not dislike society [SPECIAL SELECTION]

English title: A good deed does not dislike society

Original title: Una Buena accion, no le cae mal a la sociedad

Director: Isabela Cataño

University: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali, Cali-Colombia


Nurses in the city of Cali, Colombia, are a fundamental part of the health area, as they ensure the well-being of patients. This short film shows us Erika, an auxiliary nurse who works at the HUV (Hospital Universitario del Valle) where her area, which is the Emergency area for plasters, finds the economic lack of patients to pay for the implements they need, such as splints, that is That is why from his own motivation he makes a gesture of community help with his hands and creates splints to give them to patients who do not have the economy to pay for something like this. 

Crew members and actors:

Erika Cataño – Actres

Isabela Cataño – Director,  Camera

Manuel Orozco –  Camera

Andrea Solarte –  Production

Alexandra Moreno –  Production